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Hello Valued Customers,


I am RoseMary Montgomery maiden name “Occhipinti”.  I have been a professional artist  for 25 years. It has brought me to so many wonderful and interesting people.  The letters and photos I have gotten from my clients throughout the years are honestly some of my dearest treasures.  The knowledge that each Christmas season there are over 28,000 of my prints out there being enjoyed by families, loved ones, employees, employers and on and on all over the world ... blows my mind!   Thank you to all of you who become a part of my life.


I was born in 1949, in Cheyenne Wyoming.  I have lived in Tooele UT, Raytown MO, Warrensburg MO, Wussheim Germany, Layton UT and now in Edmond OK.  I have been married for 44 years to the most amazing man on earth. I have two grown children that I have come to like and respect. And last but not least I have a 14 years old grandson who has enriched my days like nothing I could imagine. 


I would like to tell you that I spend my days painting and creating, but life gets in the way of that most of the time.  I love the ordinariness of my life and the jewels I find in the simple moments. If I can add any joy at all in either the getting or the giving of my personalized prints gives me much satisfaction and I am the one who is grateful for that.  Thank you.  

                                                                                                Rose Mary

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