It's really very simple.


Your print will arrive to you blank with a note as to where you may personalize it.  You may extrapalate on that if you like (but if you goof on areas not meant for personalization I cannot replace).  For years, I have taught customers how to do this with an almost mistake proof method.


1.Take a soft lead pencil and write out the name you want in its space.. taking care to center and check spelling.  If you are a little off you can make up for this when you eyed it and begin personalization with the pen. Lean letters in direction intended for space. (ie) stockings.. follow sides of stocking for up and down.. same on buildings.  If you get confused, come to site and see how I have done them.


2. I like to use a perminent ink pen usually in a DARK brown to blend into the painting. For some larger spaces (as in Caught ya'Santa stockings) you will need a paint pen found at any hobby shop.  


3. Now all you need is a steady hand.  Practice once or twice on a piece of paper, keep your letters going up and down, dont lean them but follow the flow of what you are personalizing, and once you feel you have it .. go for it!  


4. Or ask someone who has nice.. SIMPLE, steady handwriting for help.  Dont get fancy.. simple letters work the best if you are not a calligrapher. 


5. If you flub up, simply take a photo of it, or send back to me a torn piece of print where you messed up and at your cost, I will send you another, shipping charges will be made by you. $12.95


    30% at anytime with your own personalization

                                 EXCEPTION: shipped in 7 days of order year round

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